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You are cordially invited to a Cocktail Reception

in support of



Supervisor London Breed


 San Francisco Board of Supervisors



Thursday, October 20th, 2016

6:00pm to 8:00pm

Program will start at 6:30pm



Union Square

399 Geary Street

(Southeast corner of Geary & Mason)


Host Committee:

Supervisor Malia Cohen & Warren Pulley,

Muhammad A. Nadhiri & Rochelle Nadhiri,

Theo F. Oliphant & Robin Van der Vegt,

Commissioner Julius Turman, Commissioner Brianna Zwart,

Dr. Matteo Garbelotto & Victor M. Marquez, Esq., Hilliard C. Terry III,

Theo Ellington, Tyra Fennell, Jackie Flin, Takija Gardner, Ariane Hogan


Cuisine by 3100


Suggested Contribution Levels: $500 /$250

RSVP to Celeste Sempere at (347) 527-3368 or celeste@bedford-grove.com

If you are unable to attend, please contribute at www.londonforsupervisor.com